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Select the amount you wish to deposit into the machine by clicking on the appropriate chip. (If you don't use all the credits deposited, they will return to your chip balance after you finish playing. Choose the value of the coin(s) you wish to wager in each round: $0.25, $1, or $5. Choose the number of these coins that you wish to wager in the next round by clicking on the BET ONEbutton up to five times.

If you choose to wager the maximum amount of coins (maximum allowed by credits up to 5), you can do it pushing the BET MAX button. If you press the BET MAXbutton, your cards will be dealt automatically. If you use the BET ONEbutton to select the number of wagered coins, you must press the DEALbutton to receive your cards. Click on the cards you wish to keep, or on the HOLDbutton beneath the cards. If you wish to un-hold it, just click again on the card you don't like. when you press DEAL, you will receive new cards in the positions of the cards that were not held. Whenever you like, you may cash out to receive your remaining credits in the machine. Money that has been deposited into machine is in no way locked in. You can do this with the CASH OUTbutton and your money left will be credited once again into your account.


You need Jacks or Better to win at the Joking Apart. If you win, you will get a chance to double your earnings. You will be prompted if you wish to go for the bet: If you wish to play it, you must select a color (Red or Black) of the card that will be dealt. if you don't wish to take the double bet just click on the DEAL button to start a new poker hand.

If you guess right, you will double your earnings and get another chance to double your already doubled earnings and if you win you get another chance, and so on maximum 5 times or until either you click any button or lose the double bet. All payouts are times the amount you bet. For example, if you bet five coins, of $5.00 USD each and you get TWO PAIR.

This is 10 times the value of the coin you are betting. In this case you would get: 10 x $5.00 = $50.00 USD.

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