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Playing for Fun in Casinos for Casual Players

Thu 27 July 2017 Playing for Fun in Casinos for Casual Players

Picture this: You have money saved for a vacation to Las Vegas or Macau. You want to take family with you, be it your grandmother, parents or spouse. What kind of games in the casino do you lead them to? Should it be the no-brainer slots? Or a relaxing table game? Or a lottery-like game such as keno? If you find yourself asking these questions, read on!

When you visit the casinos with companions who are not regular gamblers, the first thing you should keep in mind is that it will be they who will be playing, not you. If you are a seasoned gambler, your tastes will most likely differ from that of a casual player, a tourist just looking for amusement. Instead of skill-dependent games that have a steep learning curve refer them to games that are friendly to casual players. These are usually games of chance that demand no special ability or knowledge on the part of the player. Here are some ideas for playing for fun in the casinos.

Slots are hands-down the "casino game for dummies." If everything else in a casino intimidates the casual player, slots won't. To make it easier, choose the slot machine for them to play. Make sure it is of a coin denomination you can afford and that the slot game isn't too complicated. If your relative or friend has little to no experience playing slots, keep them away from the multi-payline and bonus game slots. Stick to classic slot types with 3-5 reels and only one payline.

Choose a low level slot machine; that is, one that lets the player sit while playing. You want the casual player to be as comfortable as possible especially if you are going to leave them to play elsewhere.

This popular dice game is another good choice. It is an even better choice than slots since they play slower and the house edge is smaller. That means the casual player stands to lose less money.

Find a craps table that isn't too crowded and guide the casual player in. Advise them to stick to the pass line bet to keep it simple. Your friend or relative is free to make any other bet, but you should know the odds for most other craps bets are atrocious. If the casual player is too timid to toss the dice, they can pass it to another player.

Like craps and slots, the game of roulette needs no skill at all, so it is good for the casual player. They only have to understand the basic roulette bets. If you have to, stay at the table with them until they get the hang of it.

Easy bets to make are even money bets such as odd/even and red/black. They can also wager on columns, rows and so on. The roulette betting board is pretty self-explanatory.

Roulette is a bit too tame for some people. If your friend or family - i.e. the casual player - is looking for more action, roulette might not be the wisest choice.

Playing for fun in the casino isn't about winning money. It's about having a good time. Try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for your friend or family by pointing them to simple and fun games. Slots, craps and roulette are good choices. Avoid card games and number games for the time being.

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