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Online Casino Tips & Tricks

Wed 12 July 2017 Online Casino Tips & Tricks

Welcome to the casino tips and tricks page, where we are hoping that we can share some good information/advice about online casinos. This section will be about making it easier for new players that want to try out playing online and hopefully some good advice even for experienced players.

This may be basic but I thought I’ll cover it. Most casinos will ask you to enter your full name, address, country, e-mail, phone number when you click register, at the same time you will choose your username and password. But at some, you first choose your username and password. After that you log in and fill out the rest of your information, all real money play requires to have a full account registration.

Most casinos process minor winnings without having to verify your account. Verifying your account means usually to send in a copy  of you ID and some sort of bill sent to your home. This is so the casino are sure they are paying the right person and it is strictly for security reasons. You may also have to verify the deposit method used, this may be your credit card, Moneybooker (Skrill), Neteller, bank account or any other deposit method that you have used . The support at the casinos are very helpful in this matter.

I would recommend you to Verify your account after you registered. The day you win big, your account will already be verified and the withdrawal process fast.

Slot lines : This is the amount of possible ways you can win on a slot machine. There are many different slots with less or more lines, all from 1 line up to 1024 lines. Some let you choose the amount of lines you want to play others have a standard set that can’t be changed.

I would recommend playing the maximum amount of lines, and instead adjust the bet size (coins/credits) you play

Coins and Credits : Coins is what you bet per line on the slot machine. Most casinos have the min bet of $0.01 per line, that means if you are playing a 25 line machine your cost will be $0.25 per spin. Some slots show this information in credits. The credit amount shown is determined by the amount of coin per line.

Example: You have $10 and enter a credit based slot and you set your coin size to $0,10 per line on a 10 line slot. The amount you have entered with will be shown as 100 credits with each spin costing you 10 credits ($1).

Coins per line (Level) : Most games also have “Coins per line” or “Level”, this means if you are playing one coin at $0.10 per line you can increase this to two coins or more coins per line. So basically you are keeping the actual coin size ($0,10) but betting more coins per line,this doubles your wins. Most slots you can put up to 10 coins per line giving you 10 times the normal pay.

Paytable , Autoplay and Max Bet : Paytable is where you can find all the different win combinations of the slot and also explanations of the slots features. Autoplay, here you can set an amount of spins you want the slot to do automatically. So if you don’t want to spin manually, you can set this feature.

Now to the MAX BET. This one is usually a spin button on the slot, BUT THIS WILL SPIN FOR THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT AUTOMATICALLY ! So beware of this, on some slots it only sets it to max and then you can spin if you want. But on some this actually spins for the maximum amount. So I would just manually adjust the bet I am comfortable with and spin, or contact support and ask what the max button does on the casino you want to play at.

Hope this Online slots guide had some information you found interesting and that you learned something. Thanks for reading.

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