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Intro To Slots

Tue 19 September 2017 Intro To Slots

Everyone knows that slot machines, whether traditional or online, are controlled randomly, meaning that despite anything you do, you are no more likely to win than the person in front or behind of you. But everyone also has their own ‘trick’ on how to play the slots so that they will be more lucky for them. Here are few facts about the slots that you may or may not have known already.

Slot machines may all look the same from the outside, but inside their workings are entirely different. A random number generator comes up with a particular combination of numbers which determine where the reels will stop. Pressing the button or pulling the handle makes no difference - as soon as either has been done, the outcome is already determined.

Playing faster or slower on the machine won’t help. Putting in ‘cold’ or ‘hot’ coins cannot change the combination the random number generator comes up with. Machines are never ‘due’ to pay out.

Signing up to a big name casino site could work in your favour, as many offer free bets and introductory offers for first time players. In fact online betting can be just as fruitful as real life. Consider the anonymous UK player who was an instant online winner of $1,768,554 after playing a 90 cent bet!

Playing with a card on the slots will cause you to win no more than playing with coins or cash, but they can offer you additional benefits in the casino such as food, accommodation and entry to shows.

Playing the slots is considered to be one of the easier forms of gambling, both online and traditional alongside bingo.

You are statistically just as likely to hit the jackpot 7-7-7 five times in a row as you are to hit the useless Orange-7-Lemon five times in a row on the slots.

Slot machines, also known as fruit machines or just ‘the slots’, frequently used to be called ‘one-armed bandits’. This is because the original mechanism comprised of the machine and a single lever to the side and was known to leave the player penniless at the end of the day. Many machines still have the lever as well as a button used to operate them.

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