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Playing for Fun in Casinos for Casual Players

Thu 27 July 2017 Playing for Fun in Casinos for Casual Players

Picture this: You have money saved for a vacation to Las Vegas or Macau. You want to take family with you, be it your grandmother, parents or spouse. What kind of games in the casino do you lead them to? Should it be the no-brainer slots? Or a relaxing table game? Or a lottery-like game such as keno? If you find yourself asking these questions, read on!

Playing Poker Online

Mon 24 July 2017 Playing Poker Online

Texas Hold’em poker is the most exciting game for a beginner to learn. The other poker games like 7 card or Omaha High involve a huge learning curve and a lot more potential for calculating odds and maybe even counting to add up cards, Texas Holdem may be able to  provide a little action by anybody, and you be able to be play quite well with a little hours practice. In order to study the game, however, you have to play and you have to play rather often.

Introduction to Video Poker for Beginners

Wed 12 July 2017 Introduction to Video Poker for Beginners

Video Poker is a simple game played on a gambling machine. An important difference between it and regular poker is that you are not playing against other people. Your goal is the same – to get the best hand – but smart play in video poker relies on knowing the odds and strategy. These machines can be lucrative indeed for a skilled video poker player.

Online Casino Tips & Tricks

Wed 12 July 2017 Online Casino Tips & Tricks

Welcome to the casino tips and tricks page, where we are hoping that we can share some good information/advice about online casinos. This section will be about making it easier for new players that want to try out playing online and hopefully some good advice even for experienced players.

How to play texas hold'em

Thu 29 June 2017 How to play texas hold'em

Texas Hold’em is taking the world by storm. This poker game is so popular right now that you can’t miss it. You can’t go a day in the US without seeing it on TV, online, or in retail outlets. This is the granddaddy of them all. This is the very poker game that is played at the World Series of Poker and in just about everyone’s basement on a Saturday night. Because of the major coverage on TV and in major poker tourneys, this game is now all over the Internet.

How to play Video Poker

Thu 29 June 2017 How to play Video Poker

Video poker is a great casino game for those of you that are looking for a game where you don’t have to interact with other gamblers or you want a poker game where it’s you against the machine. The first and most important thing you must understand about video poker is that it is not poker. Yes, there are similarities; hand ranking is the same and such. Video poker does not provide players with a table where you are playing against other poker players. You are not basing your strategy against other player’s abilities. It’s just you and the machine. Video poker is the poker game for those who don’t necessarily want to work their butt off to gain an edge.

Scratch Games

Wed 14 June 2017 Scratch Games

We are available 24/7.Call us at: 300% Welcome Bonus on next 2 Deposits! We have a truly amazing offer for you! We are giving you a 300% welcome bonus on your next 2 deposits! You’ll receive 100% bonus on your first deposit and then 200% on your 2nd deposit. It gives you the chance to play our incredible games with 3 times the amount of money you deposit! Take advantage by depositing now and claiming your 300% welcome bonus! This offer is available to new players only. All promotions and bonus offers are subject to the general terms and conditions. 1. Provide your correct e-mail, password, date of birth and select your currency (Your email address will be used to login along with the password and your date of birth will be used in case you forgot your password and need to retrieve it.) 2. Make sure you fill out the formm completely 3. Simply choose which promotion you would like to take advantage of and start playing The best affiliate program around the web Amazing commission structure, come today and start earning on your traffic. You have got to check out They are a fun, fresh and exciting scratch card website that offers some of the most engaging, professional and entertaining games available on the internet. Their games were all developed so that you have the potential to win big whether you bet big or small. The scratch cards and other games use stunning 3-D effects, amazing graphics, humorous animations and easy controls to give you a most enjoyable experience.

Gambling for Money Online

Tue 13 June 2017 Gambling for Money Online

Even 25 years ago Poker, Black Jack, roulette in internet casino did not pay back even the hosting, at which they were placed. Today, annual revenue of gambling sites in the U.S. reached strips $ 70 billion, making more profits than people do from movies, sports, music and marine tourism altogether.

First Time Playing Poker Online

Sat 10 June 2017 First Time Playing Poker Online

Many people feel apprehensive about depositing at an online poker room for the first time. Some people are worried about being ripped off, some are worried if the games are random and some people are worried that they'll like it too much and spend too much time on it. I can tell you from personal experience that the biggest thing you have to worry about is spending all day playing and having no time left over. Who Are the Reputable Poker Rooms? All of the Poker Rooms on Born to Bet have good reputations. Some may have slow customer support and be frustrating, but they all pay and none of them will rip you off. If you are worried about customer support, read some reviews of the poker rooms you are considering playing at first and compare them. You could also send a couple of emails to each and see how fast they respond and, just as importantly, how knowledgeable their support staff is.

How to Win Money at Poker

Sat 10 June 2017 How to Win Money at Poker

One of the most important, and basic, parts of playing texas holdem, especially at fixed limit tables, is what hands you call with before the flop. By simply calling and folding correctly before the flop you can beat bad players. If you are calling better hands on average than everyone else at the table, than you have a better chance, on average, to win every hand you bet on. This is a huge edge and a good beginning step for someone who wants to learn the game. There are no rules written in stone and there are a lot of variables that you need to address when playing. For instance, if you are playing against 9 players you should play many less hands than if you're playing only 1.

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