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First Time Playing Poker Online

Sat 10 June 2017 First Time Playing Poker Online

Many people feel apprehensive about depositing at an online poker room for the first time. Some people are worried about being ripped off, some are worried if the games are random and some people are worried that they'll like it too much and spend too much time on it. I can tell you from personal experience that the biggest thing you have to worry about is spending all day playing and having no time left over. Who Are the Reputable Poker Rooms? All of the Poker Rooms on Born to Bet have good reputations. Some may have slow customer support and be frustrating, but they all pay and none of them will rip you off. If you are worried about customer support, read some reviews of the poker rooms you are considering playing at first and compare them. You could also send a couple of emails to each and see how fast they respond and, just as importantly, how knowledgeable their support staff is.

A couple of poker rooms that weren't safe to play at, Pro Poker and WPC poker, went out of business because players would not play there. Also beware of Sunrise Poker. Otherwise, realize that many of the online poker rooms have been around for a couple of years and they make a lot of money just by offering a fair and honest poker room. Basically, online poker is a hundred million dollar a year business and growing incredibly quickly. The poker rooms would be crazy to risk all that money just to make a little extra. Can I Trust the Fairness of the Games? Many sites have their random number generators (RNG's) tested by a major auditing firm and declare that on their web sites. The better poker rooms will also listen to you, and be proactive, when it comes to colluders.

I haven't had much trouble with this but it does happen occasionally. You should write to support and, if you are unsatisfied with the response, let them know about it. Lastly, I play many hours of poker a day, in fact it is how I pay the rent and support myself. I play at over 10 different sites and have deposited money at all of them. I believe the games are fair and random and have no reason to believe they aren't. Some players over estimate how well they play and as soon as they hit a losing streak they start looking for an excuse. The simple truth is that, if you watch them play, those players just aren't that good and secondly, all players have ups and down. They also don't understand that, on some tables, people do not fold and how this affects the game. If 5 people call to the river with 10 to 1 long shots, one of them is going to hit and beat you more than you'd like. This is a fact and when a few of these long shots hit in a row it can leave you more than a little frustrated. However, you have to realize that you will win the majority of the time, and you will win more money in the long run from their bad calls. My first advice is that you can make your first deposit by check or money order, something easy. Play a while and if you decide that you are going to play regularly than you need to pick an alternative payment option.

Checks are way too slow and because of changes in legislation, credit cards work to deposit but you can't withdraw your winnings. Personally, I feel Neteller is a great option. It is the preferred method of payment by many online poker rooms, there are no transaction fees, it is quick, you can fund it with your credit card or your bank account and you can even apply for an ATM card so you can instantly withdraw money at an ATM machine. I use Neteller myself and highly recommend it. If you want another choice, FirePay or Prepaid ATM are also decent options. Pick a couple of poker rooms and play for free for a while. Pick one you want to deposit at and pick a sum of money you are comfortable with - this can vary greatly depending how good a player you are. If you decide you like it, get a Neteller account and try out a few different poker rooms. I've found the different poker sites often have very distinct playing styles throughout their tables. Find a couple poker rooms that are for you and either get serious about making some money online or just add som e excitement while you play for fun.

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